At We Coach You Grow we only employ coaches that are fully-qualified through courses accredited by respected international coaching bodies. That means your time will always be put to best use with a coach well-equipped to help you achieve your goals. We always observe the highest standards of professional practice so you can be sure to have a safe, confidential conversation with a friendly coach using the latest industry techniques.

You always get the same great coaches – no matter how far you are along in your company’s journey, nor the price you are currently paying. We partner with you to help you grow.

Ben Ross

Founding Coach

Ben trained with the BBC’s highly respected Coach Foundation Course and has been practising for a number of years. Working with clients on whatever issue they wish to tackle, he takes a holistic approach to helping them achieve their goals, no matter what is holding them back. Whether the ambition is to achieve a straightforward business aim, or to improve a personal characteristic that the client wants to work on, Ben creates an environment that is friendly and focused. He works with startups, and small and medium businesses.  Outside We Coach You Grow he enjoys reading, writing and travel. He also coaches adults who are looking to play more.

Chris Berthoud

Founding Coach

Chris Berthoud is a passionate believer in the power of coaching to raise self-awareness and encourage positive self-belief – leading to optimum professional performance. He learnt his coaching trade at the renowned BBC Leadership Coaching programme, widely acknowledged to set the gold standard for training coaches. After coaching many senior clients in the corporation, he carried on his coaching practice in the civil service. His approach is to focus on a client’s strengths and, through sometimes challenging questioning, to have conversations which lead to often revelatory new understanding. This always leads to specific actions which help the client perform better in whatever enterprise they are involved in. His supportive, positive style is ideally suited to helping clients running Start Ups. Chris is an experienced journalist, respected leader and expert in digital marketing and strategy.  To relax, he likes to cycle and play the cello, though not at the same time.