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We Coach, You Grow was founded to provide businesses – from startups to established companies – with top-quality coaching.

With our support, you’ll be able to deliver the growth that you know you can achieve. We’ll be with you every step of the way, always at an affordable price.

What clients have said:

Start Up founder: “Coaching with We Coach You Grow was an incredibly valuable support to develop my business according to my personal values and resources. Without feeling formulaic, each session provided insights and action points helping to make progress until the next meeting – or finding the reasons why progress was being held up. The coaching felt well balanced between personal as well as business related aspects.”

Leader at large bank:Thanks so much for yesterday, Chris. I walked into that 13:30 meeting and nailed it.”  

Entrepreneur: “I’d like to thank We Coach You Grow for their support whilst setting up my business and trying to gain traction. Owning a start-up can be very hectic, with little structure, and Chris the coach helped me to plan out my days and weeks more systematically, and gave me very helpful advice on how not to drown in the sea of responsibilities that come with starting one’s own business. He was also a great listener, not just when it came to business, but also personal life issues that impeded business success. I recently was able to complete an investment round into the business, and that’s in no small part to Chris’s help – he would suggest role playing exercises to help me overcome my mental blockers when it came to 1 on 1 pitching, and practising this with him really put me in great shape when it came to the real thing. I’d thoroughly recommend Chris as a coach – thank you for everything.”


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