How it Works

The We Coach, You Grow dynamic pricing model

What you pay depends on the stage of your growth

With our ground-breaking pricing model, top quality coaching is available to every business – from start-ups to large companies – right when you need it.

We don’t believe that becoming a truly empowered, self-starting leader should be limited to those in huge companies, which already have lots of money to spend on their executives. That’s why we charge you according to your stage in your growth journey.

Our prices increase with the maturity of your business. In other words, once you’ve proved your product/market fit, and are willing and able to invest further in developing your company, we charge you a bit more than at the start.

Never any obligation

But at every stage there is absolutely no obligation to continue. We want you to keep using our services because they bring you real value. In fact, we wouldn’t think you’re truly invested in your startup idea if you don’t try to spend every pound exactly where it’s most needed.

Taster sessions just £1

Every startup we work with starts with up a free ‘taster’ session, available at our ridiculously low-prices Establishing the Startup price of £1 per hour. As part of the sessions we’ll work with you to understand which stage you are currently at in your start up journey, which will determine the price point at which you begin your We Coach, You Grow coaching.

Remember, at no stage are you under any obligation: so if you reach the next stage in your journey, and don’t want to invest the higher pricing, we’ll happily wish you all the best, and hope you come back to us for more coaching in future. We believe you’ll want to continue the coaching, and will see the benefit, even at the higher price point. Seeing is believing.

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