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Our Mission

At We Coach, You Grow we believe that everyone deserves top quality coaching. We also think that currently those who need to feel empowered and supported the most – founders and leaders hoping to grow their businesses – are unable to get access to high quality coaching at a reasonable price.

Never a compromise on quality

One thing we promise you is that we never compromise on quality. That’s why with We Coach, You Grow you’ll have the same fantastic range of coaches available whether you’re a one-man band trying to get a new product off the ground, or leading a team of dozens of employees taking your company to its next stage.

All our coaches are fully qualified through accredited business coaching training schemes, and have solid experience coaching people through a variety of issues within formally supervised coaching programmes.

There are plenty of people out there happy to call themselves a coach without any formal training or any commitment to supervision or continuing professional development. We believe you shouldn’t have to make a compromise just because your business is currently growing.

Working with you, every step of the way

We want to form a partnership with your company. We’re really clear: the burden is on you to make your growth happen, and we won’t be delivering advice or taking on your challenges ourselves. But we will be there to support your growth and provide a safe environment for you to explore your next steps.

Never any obligation

As you’ll see from our financial model, our pricing increases with your ability to pay. We believe you’ll value the service we deliver enough to continue using it. But we never make you commit to carrying on at a higher price point – that would be a false economy, saving now, only to pay more later. If you’d like to stop at any time that’s no problem, we’ll wish you well and hope you come back for more coaching again in future.

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