Monroe at Actor's StudioWe all know that you only get one chance at life. There is no first draft. (Add your own clichés to the list). 

Yet we also know that the finest speeches, no matter how off-the-cuff they look, will have been rehearsed in front of a mirror a hundred times. 

Personally, I find that until I have actually tried saying the words out loud before the event (for example in preparation for a job interview), I will jabber incoherently when the heat is on. 

In the start-up world, CEO’s may have less experience of negotiating, hiring, presenting, media appearances. 

It can be very effective then, to use a coaching session to try articulating whatever it is that you need to say. The “coaching space” is totally confidential – and coaches see their clients with a thing called “Unconditional Positive Regard” which means that, although the coach might challenge the client, we are completely on your side.

This means that it is a uniquely supportive atmosphere where you can “try” any approach without fear of embarrassment or judgement. And a good coach will be able to reflect back, enabling the “performance” to improve. 

Although life is not a rehearsal, a bit of practice can make all the difference to a start-up’s success.